Using the Messages API you can send Messages into the Chat Room or a Channel in a Chat Room
Send Chat Room Message
Either you have to send user or userAccessToken or systemMessage only one has to be sent.

How to determine if you want to send the message as a user, userAccessToken or systemMessage?

System Message: If you want the message to appear sent from the server, select the System Message
User: Sending the message as a User would create a new user, and the message would be sent as the user, the user-created would be just for the purpose of sending this message, if you want to send very low volume messages into the Chat Room with a new username and profile picture based on your backend logic then you could use this. Only use this if you have a use case where each message is sent as a new user which is progrmatically generated.
User Access Token: If you want to send the message as another user, you can use this mode. It can be used in use cases where user has replied via some other method e,g via email and you can call this API on the backend to send the message into the Chat Room as the user.
It can also be used to build interface for 3rd party bots, you can use the Create User API to create a user for the bot with a username and profile picture, and in the bot's configuration you can specify the accessToken and this API to allow the bot to send the messages into the Chat Room.
Send Channel Message
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